Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Android 2.2 Download Warning

The android 2.2 download has alot of new features, mainly they are performance related but there is also a great wireless tethering feature that I love and also a  flash 10.1.

It can be a pain to install the download so its best to find someone to help you with this if you are stuck. It is extremely important that you follow the 2.2 download instructions to the letter as  mistakes can be fatal!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Ipod Touch 4th Generation

The Ipod touch 4th generation  was released in September 2010 and currently, its the best, the thinnest and the lightest iPod ever,  it really is a superb device.  The Touch 4th Gen 64 GB model is ideal if you need as much as possible for storage applications, video and music.  It can be purchased in 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB models.  It is home to many outstanding features and  comes with a much faster processor than its predecessors.  Not surprisingly the 4th gen made a lot of hype as soon as it was launched.  It can be your handy companion for storing everything you need and accessing them with one Touch!  It comes with a 32 GB disk space that allows you to save approximately 8,000 songs, 40 hours of video, or 40,000 photos, now that's a lot!  The ipod touch 4th generation has a screen that`s significantly brighter compared to earlier Touch models, and is  also curvy clean and lustrous, as a result to look at it is seriously trendy.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The ios 4.3 Problems Resolved

As with any software update there is going to be a few bugs that need ironing out, the ios 4.3 problems are nothing to be alarmed about! The battery life on my iphone has definitely been affected. I could last all day without recharging before but now I need to recharge as soon as I get home from work, and that's with minimal use, whereas before i would be using my iphones applications, the gps and wifi, now its impossible unless I have access to a power point for quick recharges! I found the best way to deal with this is to completely turn off the social networking ping to limit the battery usage. I think the ping feature is useless anyway. It makes a surprising difference to the battery life, you should try it and put an end to your ios 4.3 problems forever!!

Nook ready and in the shops ahead of Christmas

Barnes & Noble`s new device, the "Nook" costs $249 and has just entered the tablet market. They have been working round the clock to get the Nook ready and in the shops ahead of Christmas. Barnes and Noble have produced and launched devices in the eBook reader market before but none as powerful as the Nook which has many great applications and is even able to stream movies which puts it in the same league as the Kindle and Ipad. The Nook has a 7 inch screen, weighs a little less than a pound, has a 16 gig memory, and the battery is capable of 9 - 10 hours of video playback. The Nook in my opinion is going to give the competition a run for their money!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Apple Ipad Complete Success Story

For Apple the ipad is a complete success story. ipad sales have skyrocketed, in fact they have gone from 4 million to well over 11 million sales! ipad`s and connected software make up 25% of Apples total revenue. Apple dominates the tablet market and many experts believe that Apple basically owns the tablet market. Independent analyst firm Strategy Analytics has told that the ipad receives a massive 97% of internet traffic for tablet related searches, just imagine what you could do with that amount of traffic!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

i phone 3gs battery life

The i phone 3gs battery life is pretty rubbish to say the least. Apple have been working on this problem as a matter of urgency after numerous complaints.  During the release of the handset there was never any mention of the battery life being well below average and it has taken up until now for Apple to actually acknowledge the problem after hundreds if not thousands of apple customers filled the forums with complaints and criticisms.

People who bought the new i phone 4s spent a whopping £500 and are understandably upset. They now can expect a software update coming within the next couple of weeks that will put an end to this i phone 3gs battery life problem.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

three iphone 4

Nope sorry I didn't mean free iphone! but a Three iphone 4 !!

Three is one of the leading mobile network providers (as I'm sure you know) that also is selling the iphone 4 at a reduced rate.
Three has a  reputation that  has been somewhat up and down over the years in terms of reliability and price but it seems to be on the right track with the iphone 4.

Now this  much sought after and highly regarded model is available on Three for a condiderable amount less than other leading providers.  Contracts on Three are for a two year term including the iphone 4 while other networks only have one year and one and a half year contracts available.

So there you have it the Three iphone 4 is a winner if your saving the pennies!