Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Research in Motion reinstates BlackBerry services

A huge server failure left BlackBerry users with problems when trying to open their email and BlackBerry messenger.

Almost 24 hours after the server crash RIM or "Research in Motion" has reinstated its BlackBerry services in Africa, the middle east and Europe where the problem occurred.

The failure is thought to stem from a problem caused by a data center in Slough UK.

RIM apologized to all its customers but have also warned that there maybe some problems with browsing over the next 24 hours while they continue to work on the problem.


  1. They are too slow.. a company worth billions pounds cant solve the problem .. its the 3rd day for me without BBM,internet and many other applications. I sent an email to UK bb team , someones read it as I get an email with confirmation that msg was read but no reply. are they serious with their own customers. Millions of customers are gonna switch to rivals platforms .thats what im gonna do . Always knew i should get myself an iphone instead of bb. Highly dissapointed

  2. it is really frustrating as it is a billion dollars company with genius employees whose highly got paid not to predict an issue like this .. i cant trust nor depend them anymore !!
    they didnt even solve it till now !?
    im one of too many who are going to give away bb with its expensive poor service


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